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Mitte: Construction of social housing planned at Humboldt Forum

In the vicinity of the Humboldt Forum, the signs continue to point to change. This does not mean the “usual suspects” such as the construction of the Unity Monument, the completion of the Museum Island underground station or the planned river bath in the Spree, but rather a very conventional topic: the construction of flats.

The Berlin Senate is planning to build a residential quarter in the immediate vicinity of the palace, more precisely on Breite Straße, which runs directly towards the south side of the Humboldt Forum and the Schlossplatz.

Subsidised residential quarter in the immediate vicinity of the Humboldt Forum

In fact, since these are state-owned flats, housing units in the affordable segment are to be built here. In concrete terms, this means that the Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Mitte (WBM), which will be responsible for the project, will offer 50 per cent of the newly built flats at social rents of 6.50 euros. The other half of the flats will be available for a net rent of less than ten euros.

A fact that makes one sit up and take notice in such an exposed location. In the future, there will be highly exclusive condominiums (“Stadtresidenz am Schinkelplatz”, “Kronprinzengärten”) in close proximity to subsidised social housing. Nevertheless, the design of the quarter should do justice to the historical significance of the location.

Condominiums and social housing right next to each other

A total of 65-70 contemporary, affordable rental flats of various sizes are to be built on the site. The flats are to be built on five to seven independent plots, but there will also be space for offices and commerce.

As mentioned, the new quarter is to fit into the high-quality development around the castle reconstruction, despite the requirement to rent the flats at a low price.

New quarter with residential and commercial units in a prominent location

Both the flats and the planned commercial spaces will have 6,500 square metres of gross floor space. Ten of these commercial units will be reserved for cultural purposes.

The workshop procedure for the project is to start at the beginning of August 2021 with a kick-off colloquium and a site visit. The participating planning offices will then present their interim results to a jury and interested citizens in a short video. The public’s comments will then be incorporated into the further planning of the project.


Prominent neighbour: The already partially opened Humboldt Forum on Museum Island

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